Friday, October 3, 2008

More toys.

So I have come to the conclusion that my husband is about 3 years old. I recently made him a sea turtle, which he named Leroy. He was from a new toy book that I had received and immediately David fell in love with it. Leroy knitted up pretty quickly, but since all the pieces were knitted flat (a top and bottom for the flippers, head, and tail) there was a considerable amount of seaming to be done. Leroy sat in pieces for a little over a week waiting to be finished. I finally sat down and seamed him together and he turned out great. My husband is so happy and proud. The turtle goes everywhere with him- including camping at the beach. Who knew a little bit of green yarn could make my husband so happy.

I have decided that I will only work on one toy at a time (we shall see how long my resolve lasts). Once I finished Leroy I started to make a purple elephant to give a friend who recently became the proud mommy of a beautiful baby girl. The elephant was knitting up really great until the trunk. I have ripped out and restarted the trunk at least 3 times, but I think I finally got it and it will be finished soon.

I suppose then I will have to start on christmas presents since I have a niece and nephew who have put in their request for what toys they would like made for them. I have cats, bunnies, and a monkey to make. I see lots of learning opportunities in my future.

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