Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Prayer Shawl

My mom has an autoimmune disease that attacks her muscles. She was very excited several months ago when her doctor told her she was in remission. Lately she has been having more weakness and the doctor did more blood work. Today my mom called crying because the doctor wants to see her in her office tomorrow. This can't be good- this is a doctor that it takes weeks to get an appointment with. I'm sure whatever she has to say won't be good.

I have been thinking about what I can do for mom to help her smile right now. I thought of flowers- but they will die. Then I thought of a plant- but she already has a lot and is moving soon. So on my drive home I thought of it- a prayer shawl.

I have recently made her a different type of shawl that she had seen and loved, but this will be different. This will be something that she can wrap around her shoulders whenever she needs a hug. The other shawl was made from ribbon and rough and not very cuddly. This will be made of a warm soft yarn that begs to wrapped in. This will be something she can wear in the middle of the night when she can't sleep because of the steriods that she will no doubt have to take again.

It is hard to watch the woman who loved and nurtured me hurt so much. She has not had an easy life and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. So I will make her a shawl and fill is with prayers and thoughts of love that she can keep with her always! This will be my gift to her, my never-ending hug.

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  1. I am sorry to here about your mothers troubles. I am sure your shaw will help to brighten her day.