Thursday, February 25, 2010

The giraffe...yes that one.

He is done and I have to say super cute. I will however have no problems giving him away. I more than likely will attempt a second one at some point. I have other babies to knit for at the moment. My sister-in-law is pregnant with their 4th boy and I have an octopus on the needles for her now. After that, I will start a Monkee for my friend Jen O and her baby boy. I suppose after that I will work on something for my friend Justin and Aimee's baby. It will either be a blanket or a bear. I have yet to decide. For now the octopus seems to be flying off my needles- not to mention that everything else I am knitting is being ignored. I will one day finish the socks and shawl, no really I will. We are heading to Tahoe in less than 1 1/2 weeks which means lots of car knitting, and knitting at night, and at any other given moment. Hmmm, I must start to plan what knitting I will take...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I have made a realization....

I like DPNs...who knew? I switch my LSU sock (one of the 2 I have started) to teeny tiny DPNs and find myself flying on them. I'm sure the total of 7 hours I spent on planes within the last month didn't hurt either, but I'm saying it's the DPNs magic. I also find that I am now more consistent in my stitches. You can definitely tell where I changed needles, but I can live with that. I just want them on my feet.

(this was before I switched over, now I've turned the heel ,and have a little bit of the leg knitted since switching)

I have made a decision...I am completely done attempting to work on the giraffe! I am going to make something else for my friend. I'm currently thinking a blanket, bu we will see. I am planning a baby blanket for another friend and an octopus for my sister-in-law that is pregnant.

My shawl is coming along well. I have finished on pattern repeat. I have no idea if I can manage to do a total of 4 repeats before I loose my mind, but long enough to make it useful is all I need. I love the play of the yellow, green, and grey of the alpaca. This pic was before the repeat was finished, but it's not all that much bigger now.

Well, back to watching the Olympics for me...