Monday, October 13, 2008

When did my ADD set in?

I don't remember being this ADD when I was a kid (and yes I mean attention defecit disorder). Since I have been knitting I have noticed it has flared up. I don't mean that I can't seem to sit and knit for a long period of time, but that I can't stop from starting new projects. I am currently attempting to get my WIP's under control. I am finally almost finished with the Vixen camisole, the never-ending socks finally have a heel, but not a foot yet. I have been good at only starting one baby project at a time. That is if you don't count the Camo blanket for Sarah. I allowed (yeah right) myself to start on the baby things since there is kind of a deadline. I am on the last Kimono that I have to make right now. Christmas presents will be my next projects. I hope to get the camisole done very soon and the socks will hopefully follow, and then I will start something new. I also have a wrap that I need to finish. I think that is it so I currently have 5 projects going (2 of which get ignored the most). That's no so bad, right?

My stash has also sat me down recently to tell me that it is lonely. I haven't been able to really really spend the time needed with some of my favorite yarns. I'm not sure at which point my stash got so large either. I blame it on the yarn fumes from the yarn stores. I keep telling myself that I am not allowed to buy yarn until I can get some control over my stash. Yes I know it will not be total control, but just to start using some of the yarn I have hidden away. I am also planning to de-stash some yarn and tyr to sell or trade it. The stuff I know I will never use I will easily be able to part with (as long as the yarn fumes don't take over).

Well, I should go work on a WIP. Christmas is coming very very soon.

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