Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fred the horse.

For my neices 8th birthday I decided to knit her a horse. Fred was my first big toy that I had ever knitted. He was a lot of fun to make, but watching Julia carry him around everywhere she went at my sister's was the best thank you I could have gotten.
Since making Fred I had to start on Leroy the turtle for my husband. He didn't want to give Fred away so I had to bribe him with a turtle. Leroy is in desperate need of seams and stuffing and then he will be finished. I think I am attracted to knitting toys cause you are constantly knitting something new and the projects knit up very quickly. Also who can resist a soft cuddly hand knit toy- I know several people who can't. In fact I just received the yarn to make my dad a sock monkey so he will stop stealing the "purple kitty" from my mom.

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