Friday, May 14, 2010

Just keep knitting, just keep knitting...

Our move is approaching quickly. I still have no hope for a job and we have no idea where we will live, but I have yarn. I can control my stitches (accept when I knit the wrong row on my shawl and don't notice for 2 rows).

I find myself drawn to easier projects right now. I think it's cause they are mindless (and I don't have to rip out like 400 sts when I make a mistake). I am currently feverishly working on my first real sweater which is a simply straight forward raglan pattern. I can't seem to put it down. The cable rib pattern is mindless and yet comforting. Today I also finally turned the second heel of my LSU socks! Unfortunately I am thinking of unpicking the bind off of sock #1 and adding a garter band at the top. I don't think that I like the way the top of the sock looks ending in a rib.

I recently finished an octopus, whose legs were a lesson in patience. I thought I'd make it easier and have a friend crank out a tube on her knitting machine and then make the legs from that. I didn't think about the time it would then take to count rows, divide the tube, cast off one edge, and then close the other end. With a little more help from my friend we finished his legs, and I was able to seam him. I should say that I ended up stuffing his legs with quilt batting because the poly-fil balled up and made for lumpy legs. Once his face was on he took on a playful personality. I just need to mail him to my lucky newest nephew.

I have started a new travel quest in hoping to be able to only need a carry on regardless of where I am traveling (ok at least for trips to visit family and such). In order to bring along lots of knitting and have room to purchase yarn and such I am enlisting the use of compression sacs. I am hopeful with these I will be able to pack more yarn and knitting than I would without them.

Well, my needles are getting lonely.

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