Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Really I can do this...

I suppose I should just make this a blog about me and throw some knitting in too. Maybe that way I will actually write here and not annoy my husband so much with nonsense.

Life never goes as we imagine it will, does it? My husband and I are moving to North Bend, Oregon this summer thanks to the Coast Guard. We are super excited to get out of the city, we will get my dog, and have a house with a yard. No, North Bend was not our first choice (or on our list of places we really wanted to go- not to say that we didn't want to go there). The main drawback to moving there is that there is only one hospital remotely close, and they don't really do pediatrics (putting kids on an adult floor doesn't constitute real pediatrics to me). No big deal right; I will just transition to the adult world. I'm kind of getting burnt out anyway. Only problem is the hospital doesn't even want to talk to me till I have an Oregon nursing license; which thanks to California will take like 10 weeks to get. Also I get the feeling that they don't take my 6 1/2 years of pediatric ICU experience as real ICU experience and want 'someone experienced in ICU.' To sum up that rant...I have no job when we move and my bills don't seem to pay themselves. My husband says it will all work out, so I plan to lean on his strength.

As for knitting: I am about an inch shy of being done with my first LSU sock- and it fits! As for other things I am working on my Shoalwater shawl still, a monkey, and a frog. Last month we went to Lake Tahoe for 10 days. It was productive for hat and cowl knitting. I made this very pretty cowl of wool. I was wearing it at the grocery store when the lady checking out our groceries was amazed by it. She wanted it. When we got to the jeep I decided that I could very easily make another and that I would give this one to her (after a quick overnight wash). I informed her and then delivered on my promise the next day. I made her day. It felt so go to do that. I mean on some level isn't that why we knit. We want to make others smile, or at least feel good about things we make. For now I need to put the socks down and finish the monkey.

Hopefully this will become more regular...not that anyone is following me anyway.

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