Friday, June 15, 2012

School's out for the summer!

Today was my last day of work for the summer. This is only my second year to have summers off and I have to say that I'm a fan.  The problem is I have all these plans for things I'm going to accomplish, and most of them never see daylight. Today I also said goodbye to my husband that has gone away for work for a month.  While I will miss him I am hopeful that I will be super productive. 

There are several things on my needles that I need to finish. I have a scarf, 2 shawls, socks, a sweater, send who knows what else hiding in my coffee table trunk.  I did finish my red wrap and I love it!  I need to take some pictures of it. The weather is supposed to be nice all weekend so maybe it will get done. 

I recently finished my moderne log cabin baby blanket I was calling soon. As I was nearing the end of the project I realized that it was never meant to be a baby blanket.  Recently my neighbor and good friend was diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer. She is currently receiving chemo and I realized that the blanket was meant to be hers. I have knitted lots of love and hope into it for her. It is a wonderful weight and size to be the perfect warm lap blanket. The yarn ended up so soft that you can't help but feel cozy with it wrapped around you.

My fingers are starting to itch; I think it's time to start summer vacation with some yarn!

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