Tuesday, July 5, 2011

UFO's... an attempt to finish!

Last night I actually worked on my Green Waves Shawl (pattern: Shoalwater Shawl).
Every time I pick it up I have to search to figure out where I am and then figure out where my mistake was that caused me to put it down. I think in the end I had to fudge the stitches twice (why when I was on a role knitting I don't know) for an extra stitch appearing. I made the design decision to add a K2Tog instead of ripping out hundreds of stitches to find a mistake I couldn't find after several tries. I am re-enthused by the shawl. I hope this enthusiasm carries me through a couple of more long repeats so that I can wrap myself in it's alpaca goodness and be proud of my first ever attempt at a lace shawl (and yes I know I picked a big one to start with).

....Maybe I should work on the Falling Leaves Shawl I have started as well.....

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