Sunday, January 10, 2010

So I must still be on a knitting high! I have bound off another scarf, made another hat, and finished a fingerless mitt. I pretended to start a shawl today, but do to not reading the directions I had to frog the first attempt. The lace pattern looks relatively easy (yes I realize looks can be deceiving).

This Wednesday night my knitting group is going to have a frog party. Surprisingly, I don't have anything to frog, but I am going to take the giraffe toy that has been haunting me in hopes of working on it. Natasha says I'm not allowed to leave unless I have more of the giraffe knit when I leave. I am bringing only that toy with me...I must finish it before my friend's son starts college-I realize he is only a few months old now so I should have plenty of time to reach that goal.

Since I still have one hand that is mitt-less, it's back to knitting for me!

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